Been doing nothing but working on the book with my editor, which is good and bad. The good part was making another adjustment to the writing in the book overall, which took me the better part of a week, but it really polished the book to a shine. I  gave it a full read that evening and swore it was perfect, beginning to end. Then the bad…

A random friend to whom I’d passed the manuscript came back with an email  questioning a sequence of events in a chapter, and I looked at it and realized she was right.  It wasn’t a time-line type sequence, but rather a sequence of perception…as in, the main character early on in the chapter is thinking he has already obtained a certain standing, but later in the chapter is actively pursuing it as something he  desires, but does not yet feel he has obtained.

It was subtle, because it was really just two lines, but the problem was, I had to completely tear the chapter apart and rewrite it to fix it, as the actions around him are what gave him his perceptions, and to fix that, the actions around him have to also change…and no, it wasn’t a matter of just reorganizing the sequence, it was a matter of completely rewriting about four paragraphs of content, which might sound easy enough, but it’s not. Not when you have to carefully craft the events to bring forth the perception. My head aches just reading this.

So, I rewrote and trashed a few dozen things and I still haven’t got it right. Go me. Then I watched Youtube videos for an hour, and a movie on Netflix, and did some cooking, and all the other things I do when I am trying to avoid having to deal with the book.

Now I’ve spent the last few hours completely sure I’ll never finish it and no one will ever read it.

And my eye is twitching. And my mouse is dying.