I was on a train. Briefly.

My mom and brother were down for the weekend and we had a really good time, which included randomly coming across Bikefest in Raleigh just after I’d declared my life’s dream was to own a motorcycle, and now I feel like it’s a sign! But really…I’ve always wanted one, ever since I was really young, so now I’m determined to get one. Just haven’t figured out the how part yet.

The Reuben Sandwich – Where it was invented is disputed, but what it’s made of isn’t. It’s corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing on rye bread. So it was weird enough that the menu item offered at The Station in Carrboro (If you guessed that this restaurant is INSIDE a train car, you win) was actually a ‘Turkey Reuben’, but my mother ordered it without sauerkraut and wanted it on wheat. I teased her that that was not a Reuben, and was in fact, an insult to real Reubens everywhere, but the weirder thing was, they were out of wheat, and brought it to her with rye with sauerkraut anyhow. Proving that it is one of those cosmic things that cannot be broken up.

My  Netflix soiree this week included a two part made for tv movie called “Coming Home” (not the Jon Voight war movie) (although there WAS a war in this movie) Anyhow, this was a really long drawn out saga…but the most important point of the movie is this: There is this woman, and the man you KNOW loves her, the man you can’t WAIT for her to  end up with,  is maddeningly kept from her for five long painful frustrating hours, until they FINALLY hook up in the last 8 fucking minutes of the movie.  So they do end up together (oops spoiler) but…omg, could you not have done it four hours ago and saved us all such heartache and misery? I had the shakes when this movie was done. Just…$#!#$.  And I have an eternal girl crush on Joanna Lumley, (yes, the abfab one) who was just magnificent to look at throughout this movie.  (and she was at least 50 something in it)

Then I watched a movie called “Keith” because there was a strange ratio of high ratings for what ‘looked’ like a high school romance flick, and it turned out to be really really good and haunting. I’d go beyond haunting. It was like ‘gets under your skin’ haunting. And the weird thing is, it’s Jesse McCartney playing this extraordinary role.  James watched it too, and gave it the same review, so two thumbs up from the gamer nerds. (huh, Jennifer Grey was in this movie and I never even noticed her. Why did you fix your nose, Jennifer. Now we don’t know who you are, and cannot save baby from corners!)

SwingZone (aka The Swing…because that’s what its really called in daily life here) reached 50k words today. To give you an idea … I started writing it on August 28, and it’s September 28, which means I’ve written half a novel in a single month. Do you have any idea how nuts that is? DO YOU? I’m pretty sure that’s certifiable…because it means I’m putting out over 1k words a day sustained. (Like a hurricane, but without the wind…)

(we just won’t mention that I didn’t spend a single second working on the edit of cargoman’s tale this week) (but then I had company…yeah…that’s it… it was the company.)

In other news…

Is there ever other news?


It would probably help if I gave this a title..

Sup? 🙂

Been a few days. Er..weeks.

Movies I watched this week:

Star Trek finally came to Netflix, and I watched half of it. I loved the new ‘old’ characters, great casting there, and I was enjoying their interaction. I just couldn’t stand the storyline. I have to finish watching it, so it might get better, but oye vey , people, I’m sick of seeing the old Spock pop up everywhere.

Happy Accidents – I watched this because it had Marissa Tomei and Vincent D’Onofrio in it. (If you don’t love Marissa Tomei, you’re a communist.) Vincent is a time traveler from the future. This movie had smart ”12 Monkeys’ feel to it, and it turned out to be really cool. In fact, I’m surprised it’s not better known, because I thought it was really well done.

Wonder Boys – I’ve never been big on Michael Douglas, and there are times I despise Robert Downey Jr, but they were both extraordinary in this movie, and I have a new crush on Tobey Maguire! I can’t even begin to describe how wonderfully quirky this movie was, and the writing was excellent. (Props Michael Chabon)

The Ugly Truth – I watched about ten minutes of this movie. Then I sought out the X in the top right hand corner and ended its brief, horrible life.

New in Town – Renee Zellweger, upwardly mobile city girl consultant from Miami gets sent for awhile to small Minnesota town. Meets and hates Harry Connick, Jr. Any sane person can fill in the rest of the story from there and be completely spot on right. It was cute though, and I liked it. *blush* Made Minnesota seem kind of appealing too, in a frozen but friendly way.

In other news…

… oh.

I suck. There is no other news. This is all I do. 😦

I could probably write a book where a girl is stuck in a fantasy world where she’s forced to type out strange novels and watch old movies all day.  Hmmm…