New Year? I don’t think so.


You…petty segment of infinity
granted the right to measure our existence…

You are just an illusion.

I see how you bide your time, crawling
slowly through the ages, collecting scars
as evidence of your passing, while you
try to stay under the radar, only to be
betrayed by a single stroke.

You don’t fool me.

Inviting thirst for rejuvenation with
your focal point for oaths and
affirmations, you try to pretend you
aren’t part of yesterday…and the
masses, hungry for your absolution, fall
for it, again and again.

But I know better.

You lapsed while I strove to achieve my
aspirations…and now you try to sneak
away, only to show up a few hours later,
alleging to be someone else.

You must think I’m stupid.

I see through your phony guise.
There is no spark, no blaze of
rebirth, save what I choose to
assign your moment…so don’t act so haughty.

We both know it has nothing to do with you.

You. I know you…and I remember…

You’re a swindler…
…in more ways than one.

-J.McClure 12-27-2010