Expanding Young Minds


My grandmother, to occupy me on those times I slept over, would always pull out a tool box…and she had a wonderful assortment of things that I could take apart. Electronic things like telephones, TVs and stereos, all kinds of weird mechanical stuff with little motors and tons of removable parts. And I would spend hours deconstructing them and trying to put them back together.

Thus began a lifetime of thinking, if something stopped working, I could take it apart and fix it on my own. I never felt like sealed items were somehow off limits to my prying, and at some point in my teenage years, that extended to my car. I became fascinated with how all the little wires in there hooked up, and what went where and how to add things to that mix. Which probably would have meant a kick ass audio system if I had been a boy, but instead meant (obnoxiously) adding pretty purple lights to everything on my dashboard.

In any case, the moral of this story is: You can open and expand the mind of a child if you provide them with the right tools.


One thought on “Expanding Young Minds

  1. Evelyn Freuler August 24, 2013 / 6:05 pm

    Loved seeing your words about grandma. She was very special and so are you.

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